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A language training platform made to meet big business' needs

Made for
global teams

Your team with 24/7 access to classes with meticulously chosen tutors specialized in business needs

A clear path to
team fluency

Your company's needs assessed and an easy to implement corporate language program

Skills based

Implement a language program that meets the demands of job roles skills, departments and your industry

Ongoing, impactful

Get full support to reach upskilling goals with business-aligned metrics like productivity and ROI

Users love Voxy on G2
Voxy is a leader in Language Learning on G2

We chose Voxy because of its
content, proficiency tests to let
employees track their progress, and
the ability for learners to practice
English anywhere, anytime.”



How does Voxy work?

With a Voxy language training program, employees of your company can study languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, or Italian) in 30-minute live classes with our instructors, either in individual or group sessions, with an easy to use scheduling system and availability on desktop and mobile. Additionally, they can use our content platform with multimedia activities tailored for corporate-world skills.

I work in a company and I want to learn a language. Can I study with Voxy?

If you're an employee of a company (an individual user), you won't be able to directly contract Voxy, as we exclusively work with corporate clients. However, this doesn't mean you can't take part in one of our training programs. Please forward this link to your company's HR/training team as a suggestion for upcoming training programs.

Is there a minimum number of participants?

Yes, we work with a minimum number of participants. Voxy's scalable and customizable solution helps large companies enhance their teams' language skills, ensuring a solution that meets diverse needs and is tailored to each individual, even within larger groups.

How much does Voxy cost? How to get an assessment of my organization's needs?

Please contact us through the form on this page to schedule a meeting. During this meeting, we will assess your organization's needs and create a unique proposal for your company.

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